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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy busy busy!

The Craft For a Cure is almost exactly a month away! AHHH We are not as far along as far as vendors, but we are still optimistic. 9 confirmed so far, I will have a booth of course and hopefully the college and career group from my church will get a booth. The anchorage cafe said they would set up their extra espresso machine so we could serve lattes. Shannon and I have been driving all over creation posting "Looking for vendors" signs.

So with all that going on I have my first midterm this summer due on monday and I am half way prepared for it. It is open now and a I plan to just take it and get it over with! These short summer classes are great! They zooooom by!

Needless to say, my embroidery has taken a back seat. I am still working on my Antropologie napkins, which are trickier that I thought because the back side isn't going to be hidden in a pillow or something. I have to keep my tails tucked away nice and neat which has lead to some fancy needle work when I do the french knots. I dont want blue thread trailing all over the back so I am doing clusters of about 3 close together. Its looking really nice tho!

Last night while I was supposed to be studying... I thought about those pillows that have some little proverb sewn on the front that serve no other purpose other than to sit on your couch or that chair that no one sits in and look fancy. Well my best Ginger friend Amber (tee hee) gave me a little book of Jane Austen quotes for my birthday which I absolutely LOVE! You would think that her quotes would be all quaint and soft spoken UNLESS you read her work, then you know she was a spit fire who had plenty to say. My favorite quote comes from a letter she wrote to Cassandra her sister, "I would recommend to her and Mr. D the simple regimen of separate rooms"
Well, I had the brilliant idea to make my own pillows with her lines! The first one I am doing is that infamous opening line from P&P. If you don't know it, get out of my blog! Just kidding but seriously... go read a book! The type is so small, it is going to be very tricky getting the curves and angles sharp. I may kill myself before its finished because its a long one. But I think it will be worth it.

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