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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cute Cookies

I have had the cookie decorating bug since easter, so guess what I made?
Got cute cookie cutters from Hob Lob for .75 cents!

And some gel food coloring and piping tips and bags. I got a little carried away with this one, it's like an inch thick with royal icing!

I copied Shannon and made a mushroom one.

The hands down favorite, I got my inspiration from one of our antique Singer Sewing Machines.

Its super fin and easy to use a toothpick to marble the wet icing.

I should have left this one alone, it was prettier with out my initials. Check out the red and blue round one, it looks like Spider Man or something.
I got two new cutters today and am planning on experimenting with my shortbread cookie recipe by using butter flavored crisco instead of actual butter... that way it's dairy free!

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