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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Current Embroidery Project" or "Soon to be needlework masterpiece"

Spastic post again, to match my short attention span. SCHOOL'S OUT FOREV-AH!!!! I am graduated! I am a double degree holding college graduate... no more school. This has been my dearest ambition for the past 19 years! Since Kindergarden dear reader!

My attention span is heck-a short because I have the freedom to do ANYTHING my educated heart wants! And guess what it wants to do? CREATE!! I have stared 3 different craft projects that have been gnawing at my creativity for months.

I bounce back and forth: while paint is drying I stitch, after I have used a strand of thread, I sew... on and on set against a backdrop of Glee and Lord of the Rings marathons!

I got the pattern from Pattern ala Carte and she says its from the 1940's. Please, would you just look at the beautiful sprawling lines and swirls of the tail feathers! (This was taken with my phone so its not a good representation) It's absolutely fabulous in person. My mom gave me a thread that is actually called "Peacock" which is over dyed so it fades from darker to lighter in a cool way. Can't wait to see it finished!

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