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Friday, April 8, 2011

"Vegan Awesomeness" or "It Was Just Like Cheese!"

Last weekend the college group from church, back home in Van, went to the Passion Conference at the Fort Worth Conf Center. Well, Colleyville is a hop skip and a jump on 635 away from everywhere so I had to meet up with them!Allison knew of this Vegan spot for lunch, Spiral Diner. Being lactose intolerant, when I see dairy-free foods, I get a little giddy.

I really don't like veggies so a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle just would not suite me... it would be quite depressing when I think about it. I guess all I would eat would be fresh carrots, corn and broccoli... I like salad, but that requires Caesar or Ranch dressing which is milky, so salad is out... squash needs butter, you get the idea.
Well, it was still fun to see all the animal free food they offer, I was shocked to see things like "Chicken less salad sandwhich" and "Sketti meatballs" and "I scream" all without anything that comes from an animal!
We sat outside because it was a MARVELOUS day! Allison and Caitlin shared the nachos, which were DELICIOUS! Not a single onion or other "black listed veggie" of mine.
Now, MY fav thing was my nacho plate. The cheese is some magic concoction of cashews and flavor! IT WAS JUST LIKE CHEESE! I will find this and stock it up in my fridge.
My bro the barista, made me a latte with almond milk a long time ago and it was so sweet by itself, I didn't add anything to it like flavor syrup or splenda. Guess what kind of lattes they made? Soy or Almond! YUMM!!
Normally, I have to take a little white pill that has the lactase enzyme my body decided to stop producing that breaks down lactose... thus intolerance. Well, it can get a little annoying and embarrassing especially when I am out with people who don't know why I am popping pills at the dinner table. So a meal that requires no dietary supplementation on my part, it a happy meal for Lee Lee!

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