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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tasty Crafty Lovely

All strawberries should be doused in chocolate and sprinkles, ALL of them! We have a whole drawer just full of apples so I chopped those suckers up and most importantly, peeled the skins off. Yuck, its like chewing plastic wrap.

For mother's day, my family gathered for our traditional Phase 10-a-thon. I won the first hand, so that just lifted my competitive spirits for the rest of the day.
Actually the rest of the day was a bowling tournament at Main Event. Would you have guessed that I make like 4 strikes! Woot! I still suck though, my best game was like a 64. Boy am I sore today from my sweet bowling moves. My aunt, and grandmothers got hand made boxes from me.
I can't get enough of Paper Source, I should call them Life Source because I am instantly transported into some euphoric state when I walk through the door. Paper from all around the world in sooo many gorgeous patterns, colors and textures just float around me as I glide to the back where all the book binding supplies are. Tubs of PVA glue and methyl cellulose are just little white clouds of adhesive wonder who stay hidden on shelves. Baskets of book board tucked under a counter call my name and lure over to find the right size for my project. LA! I love it!
Craft For A Cure is coming along famously! We have the website and application up. There is also a Facebook page that everyone has responded to wonderfully. We have only to get the word out that we are looking for vendors to apply and wait for a month or two to send out acceptance letters. Everything so far has been too fun and no huge problems have sprung up. I think getting the publicity for vendors will be be the biggest challenge so far. We also hope to get Walmart to donate some big ticket item to raffle like a Plasma TV or laptop or something.

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