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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am not meant to succeed in College

I'm the worst at college. The WORST! Let me just convince you...

I took my second final tonight. I did not prepare to take my final tonight. In fact I had no IDEA it was due tonight!

I got an e-mail saying that the exam was split into two parts. 2 hours for the first 50 question then 2 more hours for the seconds 51 questions. I learned that I had a 101 question exam that was due by 11pm at 10. Thats right, one hour!

I start freaking at about 10:01 and compiling my notes. I started the 1st exam and finished it in 45 min getting 25 of the 50 right.

With a whole other exam due in 10 minutes I am a bit upset with myself. That test had no hope of survival but I was going to give it my all and turn in something!

I got 16 out of 51... the worst exam grade ever made in history.

BUT!! I remember that grades don't mean anything other a number. I am still me, still a great and promising crafter and most importantly I will be going to Heaven on day. My crappy final exam wont change how my amazing friends feel about me or change my families love. I have learned to triple check the syllabus though.

I have not ever had a semester in college that did not provide some unbelievable road block, fin aid, transferring transcripts, scheduling conflicts. When this is all over 9 classes from now I will move on and not think of college until I go back for a second degree. Blah.

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