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Monday, July 4, 2011

Good times, good times

This passage from the book I am reading has been bouncing in my head this past week:

"Invest in the lives of those closest to you. Love those whom God has placed in your life right now-today. Don't think of their companionship as a consolation prize or a temporary substitute until the 'real thing' comes along. They are the real thing."

I really have been missing my BFF's Meg and Am who abandoned me for the bright lights of the Big Apple. But thats ok, I forgive them :) now I have a free place to stay whenever I get brave enough to fly again. ANYWAY, I miss having a best friend that knows my daily goings on and vice versa. :( Everyone feel sorry for Lee Lee now! awwww. Just kidding, I just really miss you girls and am so angry that yall are having fun with out me!

On a craftier note...

Two towels done! I can't deny it any longer dear reader, I am pretty stinking good at embroidery! :)This flour sack towel with the Babushkas is HUGE! I guess it needs to be since it's so thin there is no way it could ever absorb anything unless it was wadded up.

I got this blue napkin from Target. I saw them on clearance but had no cash at the time, so on payday I went back to hunt them down, and they were reduced even LOWER! I think like 1.50? So YIPPY!

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