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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Part 2 or Now begins my deepest depression

It was great, GREAT! If I had just read the book it would have been awful! I learned a few movies ago (jane eyer, twilight(s), jane austen, and harry of course) that I have to separate the book from the movie because they will NEVER be the same.

So I went into the last couple of HP's without the book in my brain, and it worked because I was able to see the movies as great movies.

Here was my experience this week: At the movie theatre I worked for they had "Harry Potter Week" where they showed two movies per night starting with 1 and 2 on Monday. It was such an amazing experience to see all the old ones on the big screen.

This chick busted out her accordion and played the Harry Potter theme music, AMAZING!

There where 3 ppl dressed up as Dobby but this little dude was my favorite! He has a bunch of knit hats and scarves on, which, if you read the books, you remember Dobby taking all the items Hermione made in a vain attempt to free the other house elves at Hogwarts. SPEW!!

And I must say my hair was perfectly crazy! It only needed its jet black coloring :(

Luna Lovegood reading her book upside down. If you know Shannon as good as I do and have read HP, you can't help but see the eerie similarities!

Here are another set of sisters. Bellatrix and Narcissa. Look out muggles.

Aww, Luna and Madame Lestrange.

Luna using a Muggle laptop, researching Gnargles tho. (i had to ask Shannon how to spell gnargle just now and of course she knew)

She aready had most of her costume but we went to Goodwill to hunt out last minute touches, and right there when we walked in, that perfect pink sweater. I got her Spectra-Spects at FAO Schwarz in New York.

Awesome miss-matched socks.

She even made her radish earrings with Dollar Store play dough! One was longer than the other, how Luna is that?

She's got some wrackspurts in her head right here, I think, she looks kinda out of it.

And I loved this, double dose! Deathly Hallows part 1 at 9 pm then part 2 at midnight. A double dose of H-Pot, my drug!

The Starbucks across the street was selling Butterbeer! It was pretty good!

I got a migraine during part one, which threatened to ruin my night, but thanks to Excedrin Migraine, the blind spots and tunnel vision stopped in time for part 2 and I had no pain! I said a little prayer of thanksgiving for medicine! I am still a little out of it, not sure how I feel about it being over, but I do know I am looking forward to seeing it in the morning with Dad.

JK Rowling, thank you.

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