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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas, is it over already?

So, I have been a bad blogger, I am truly enjoying having no assignments or papers to be dreading and the blog got set on the back burner but I do have some things I want to share so here is just a little catch up of my Christmas.Here we have the young ladies in our clan, Colbie- my cousin Shane's awesome girlfriend, me- the awesome EmbroiDiva herself, Brianna- my cousin/older sister/best friend/cowboys fan, and then who else but my favorite little sister and fellow Homestar/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Twilight/Jane Austen/Bronte/Etsy/Anthropologie enthusiast Shannon aka Miss Sannon aka Miss Shandon.
Isn't Bri pretty? Her hubby is dodging the camera at all costs.
...Wonder why?
My uncle Keith gets really excited when I let him play with my Canon Rebel and set it on Rapid Fire so he just snaps like a zillion pictures and after a while his subjects give in and start playing along, capturing great faces.
This is my new favorite ornament, my little Partridge from the flower shop in van "Beyond the Garden" so now I am on the hunt for more Christmas decor with Partridges. So, dear reader, keep your eyes peeled for me!
Some of my favorite gifts! Nutella (YUM), second hand classics (craft!), adorable notebooks (not for school), and a Green shopping bag from Joann's (birdies!).
I was most excited about this one I think, I saw it months ago and was torn between getting it or putting gas in my car, I chose the latter :( however, mom remembered and BAM! happy little girl on December 25th!
And here is dad's gift from me! If you know the Snows at all, this is the stuff of life, Diet Coke in a Can, there is nothing better. As you can see I didn't even wrap it, no need.

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  1. Diet Coke and Grape Soda is what I remember! :) I'm glad you had a great Christmas Alicia!


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