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Friday, November 19, 2010

Southern Bell-atrix

For every Harry Potter midnight movie premier I have attended, I have gone dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange, the craziest witch ever! She is so deranged, unstable and down right fabulous! Who else could pull her off? Well, we start with a plain Jane, fine haired lass as shown:
Add more styling mouse than is healthy for the environment and blow dry upside down until her face is purple. The now, fluffy hair is rolled using two sets of hot rollers. (These things are my new best friends, they hurt my fingers like crazy but beauty is pain right?)
Let them cool completely and carefully unroll. This will give her a Scarlett O'Hera look that must be frozen in time with half a can of hair spray. (I'm not exaggerating, I bought a can a week ago and its almost gone, I have rolled my hair twice since then!) never the less, spray like the yankees are coming woman, SPRAY!
Next an assistant is needed to back comb and tease all the pretty, ringlets into what hopefully will look like the hair of a woman who was one aristocratic but has been locked in prison for way too long.
Tease, tease, tease! The bangs will remain un-teased for the most part and lend their sweeping drama to the Souther Bell-esque look of our hair-do.

Now if the curls were intact still instead of the volume of rat's nests, this look could pass as "presentable", it's almost flattering to the plain Jane's facial structure don't ya think?

However, this is Bellatrix we are discussing! Add a great, handmade costume and that blood thirsty twinkle in her eye and we get: Southern Bell-atrix Lestrange!

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  1. Bellatrix is fabulous & I love her name to! If we ever get a dog, that will be her name. Love that hairstyle on you & yes, hot rollers are a must...I would look like a deranged cocker spaniel without them!


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