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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rainy Tuesday or How to Cure a Headache, Guaranteed!

Fist off, something crazy is going on and I can't get it to stop underlining everything! oh well, its just all SOO important I guess.

This third picture is mega cool and I will explain why! My second paper was over Abe Morell, a super cool photographer I have admired for years. What he basically does is covers up all the light sources in a room so its total black, then pokes a small hole in front of a window covering. He sets up his large format camera (think old timey head under a sheet and a hand held shutter release button like in Lady and the Tramp) and takes a picture of the wall opposite the window. But this isn't a normal "click" and your done, the click or shutter speed is 8 hours to 2 days long! Hey, you just got some photography school'n! That will be $3,573 please. Well, all thats left for this essay is a power point I am presenting in an hour and a half to my online class. Ick. 5 minutes are longer than most realize until all you can think to say is "this ones really cool. so is this one. I like this one."
Well to celebrate the completion of my papers I decided against a bottle of Barefoot Moscato white whine, which anyone who really knows me knows I dont' touch alcohol because it all tastes like hairspray or gasoline. BUT this stuff is sooo good, it tastes like Sparkling Cider. So after the glamourous thought of buying a celebratory bottle or whine to share with... oh thats right all my friends live elsewhere...I went with the next best idea, HOBBY LOBBY!!!!! and MICHAELS!!!!! Really what was I thinking? Duh! Well, I had a fabulous time, I discovered Embroidery Paper! Its the same stuff you see in the machine-monogramed coffee mugs and things like that. Look for them featured in this year's hand embroidered Christmas cards! SQUEE!
Oh and what sounds cuter than a cupcake christmas tree???? Nothing!
Lastly dear ready I leave you with these. sigh. I wish I was brave enough. I love LOVE them. So christmasy right? Tights have been on my shopping list since Penelope came out on DVD. One day.

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