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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty Pleasant Day!

Texas Women's is actually a co-ed university, contrary to it's name. People make comments but out of the zillions of colleges I have been to this one has the nicest campus. It really is peaceful place, now I'm not saying that if there were more men it wouldn't be peaceful, but, yes thats what I'm saying! Who am I kidding, us ladies walk nice and calm, no shouting or fighting. Plus there are less Stupid Girls trying to snare their attention so less distractions. It's lovely. Now, I'm not, nor have I ever been, much in to team spirit, well except for Team Edward, Team Darcy, Wentworth, Rochester you get the idea. But today, I have been really happy walking around campus for a multitude of reasons:

1) I got a SUPERB parking spot this morning. I usually have to park a block away from campus but today was curb side by the art building. Practically free valet.

2) I had a thermos of peppermint mocha goodness.

3) these awesome little phrases are littered all over the sidewalks!
4) and lastly, in art history (the class I was failing because I bombed the midterm due to illness) I got back an extremely important paper on which I needed a good grade. Writing is SOO ho ho sooo not my thing and I HATE essays, alas, this is college. He hands it to me and asks, "Do you really want it back?" I just stared at him and held out my hand. He asked a similar question when I failed the midterm so I was starting to get queasy. If I failed this paper, I would fail the class. On the last page, there at the bottom, under a cloud of his pencil scribbles and markings is "A 96 Bravo!" I walked to my car streaming tears and thanking God for the friends who helped my write it. I could have walked 4 blocks to my car at that point.

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