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Monday, October 18, 2010

TLC's new show, yes that one... two, three and counting!

as i sit here shuddering and grimacing at this new reality show on one of my favorite channels I can't stomach it. ICK! ugh, really ewww yall. These people are totally normal and would probably be fun to hang out with BUT... how can any self respecting woman (wearing jeans and hair products btw) agree to this? You would think that they would run out of women eventually! The ratio has got to be like 5 to 1 on average right? Its so oogey I can't stop squirming. How can this be broadcast on tv since its supposed to be illegal you may ask, well I had to look this mess up to even begin to swallow what's going on. One website says that only the first marriage is "legal" and the others are "commitment marriages" whatever that means. No, I'm sorry. Blah! Jesus loves them too tho! He protects them just as much, they deserve it just as much as I do, probably more since I am judging the nasty out of this family. I do however think its funny how fast this season wrapped up. The poor kids said they get called Polyglets. Oh my. Just when we thought reality TV couldn't get any more... it DOES!

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